Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

The auto insurance  known as AUTOPLAN in British Columbia is provided by ICBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia owned by the Provincial governent..

The AUTOPLAN consist of the Basic and the Optional coverage.

Client must purchase the Basic from ICBC and the Optional can be provided by ICBC or other insurer.

Most clients purchased both Basic and Optional from ICBC so that liability claims will be handled  by one insurer.

Where to purchase

The auto insurace can be purchased from any General Insurance broker who represents ICBC.  The sign AUPLAN is clearly displaced by the Broker when they represent ICBC.

How much

The premium is based on a number of factors - the type of car (year and make), the usage of the car and the discount the principal Operator (the person who drive the car over 50% during the contract period).


 ICBC is a Crown corporation that provides auto insurance for all B.C. motorists.

They offer Basic, which is only available from ICBC, and Optional extended coverages.

All drivers in B.C. must have Basic Autoplan. It gives you the minimum coverage you need.