Critical Illness Insurance
Life insurance is for people you love when you are gone. Critical Illness (CI) Insurance is for yourself if you are diagnosed with heart attack, cancer and stroke and over 20 other illnesses.

Though our medical system is good and will take care of our sickness, but the recovery period could be long - few months to a few years.

Critical Illness Insurance will provide immediate cash to alleviate the burden for the family such as lose of income during the period, modify your house to accommodate for wheelchair, pay for an assistant and many others.

There are over 20 illnesses covered by the Critical illness Insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance is a pure insurance like auto insurance but you can add an option to have the premium returned when the insured die or at maturity.

We have two claims this year, each is $100,000 purchased in less than 5 years:-

   One lady age 42 had canceled – after operation; she has recovered very well, but need to take some rest.

   One man age 48 had a tumor in his brain, again after operation, he has recovered very well but will need to slow down working for some time.

The critical illness payment comes handy for both these families.