Raising funds for Toby Ng - Canadian Olympic Team

Tobias Ng -  Badminton player at the 2012 Canadian Olympic team

Tobias Ng, otherwise known as Toby, is the son of one of my oldest best friends, Francis Ng, and he was named as one of the four badminton players on the 2012 Canadian Olympic team. I am very proud of them.   

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 On July 19, 2012 on the 10 pm CBC National News program, various atheletes and their parents were interviewed. It was said that the financial support from the Canadian government for the Olympic Games is not enough to cover their cost of training throughout the years, and many athletes end up with a large debt after the games.

Unfortunately, the Badminton team receives the minimum amount of financial support from the government.

Toby is now in London to represent our Canadian Badminton Team and I would like to raise some funds for him so that he can enjoy his experience without the heavy weight of a looming debt hanging over his head after he's had a once in a lifetime experience.

So, as he's part of the Canadian contingent competing for our country, I encourage you to support his endeavor.

How you can help - Every little bit helps, so donations can be made payable, by cheque, to:
Tobias Ng

You can drop it off or mail it to me:
c/o Ken Lam 
Unit 128, 6061 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC
V6Y 2B2

Or if you want to pay in any other way, please call me at 604 889 1383.

Toby has been documenting his Olympic experience, you can follow his Blog and he has a Facebook page. 

The Official site of the Olympic Games


Press Release from the Vancouver Sun:

Vancouver Sun announced on May 22, 2012

"Vancouver's Tobias Ng was one of four badminton players named to the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team on Friday. Michelle Li (Markham, Ont.), Alexandra Bruce (Toronto, Ont.), and Grace Gao (Calgary, Alta.) will also represent Canada in London."

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